DJ Equipment Guide

So what Equipment do you need to get started DJing?

This is such a common question for us at DJ Lab, and there are hundreds of options online so how do you know what to purchase?

In the essence of making this research process easy for you here are our top picks:

#1: Pioneer DDJ400 ($429 RRP)

If you are just starting and have a computer this DJ controller is absolutely unbeatable for its build quality and price.  This is also the kit that 99% of our students purchase to practice on between lessons on the industry-standard CDJs and Mixer at the DJ Lab Studio.


#2 XDJ:RR ($1680 RRP)

If your budget is a little higher and you need to take the controller to paid gigs on a budget the Pioneer XDJ-RR is our top pick. This is a standalone unit so you won’t have to worry about your laptop when you fire it up to play.

#3 Pioneer 2 x XDJ 1000 & Xone PX:5 ($5097 RRP)

If your budget is high and you want to get comfortable and familiar with industry-standard equipment used at night clubs then CDJs and a Mixer is definitely the best option. You can get these new or much cheaper second hand so be sure to look at both options before you make a decision.

Pioneer XDJ1000 & Xone PX:5 are your best options here. You could also go for a pioneer mixer but they are very overpriced and of a much lower quality compared with Xone Mixers.


If you have any questions about the gear listed feel free to give us a call or text on 0480028371