DJ Quick Tip – Re-Listening To Your Mixes

One of the best ways to get your DJ skills to the next level is to record all of your sets, whether at home or at gigs and listen back a few days later. The reason this is so effective is that when you are in the beginner or intermediate phase of your skillset you can get very caught up in the moment of mixing 2 tracks together without truly listening to how each mix actually sounds.


Listening to your recorded set on a different day allows you to hear it from a third person point of view. You will pick up on the best parts, and the average parts that you need to improve on for next time 😉


Best recording options:
– Pioneer DJM Iphone App (For owners of a compatible Pioneer mixer)
– Rekordbox/Serato/Traktor (For people with controllers)
– External Recorder / Tascam DR-05 (For those that are unable to use the Pioneer DJM App with their phone or mixer)