About Us

Here at DJ Lab we teach people from all walks of life to DJ like a pro and produce their own music. We like to keep the lessons fun and can teach those that either want to make electronic music their career or people that simply enjoy it as a hobby.

Our tutors have over 35 years combined experience in the industry with a strong focus on customer service, we want to make every experience great for you through tailor-made teaching for any student, at any experience level.

Electronic music is our passion, and we look forward to making it your passion too!

Why choose us

Our tutors have over 35 years combined experience in the industry.

Learn to DJ at your own pace with sessions tailored specifically to your ability and favourite style of music.

We can teach you how to not only DJ and Produce, but also run your own events and push your artist profile.

Our tutors are blue card certified to be able to teach all ages. 

Meet The Tutors

Jay Berry

Jay is the founder of DJ Lab and has been DJing, promoting and producing electronic dance music in Brisbane for the past 10 years.

He also holds down multiple club and bar residencies, and regularly features at festivals around the country. Most notably Jay was the only local DJ to play at Riverstage for Electric Gardens Festival in 2017 alongside heavyweight DJs Eric Prydz, Jamie Jones and more.

In his time he has taught many how to DJ and produce from beginner to pro level, and is experienced in teaching people with learning difficulties or mental disabilities. Jay works with Pioneer, Logic, Abelton, Native Instruments and Xone products.




“Highly recommend lessons from one of Brisbane’s best local djs. Jay was very keen to get you started from the moment we discussed lessons. From beat matching, music theory, playlists, Jay covers it all. Every lesson you would learn more and receive great constructive feedback.”

Jason Whyte

DJ / Brisbane

“When arrived for my first lesson I was nervous as hell but Jay’s calm and cool nature made me feel welcome and at ease within minutes. He has taught me everything from scratch. From beat matching to how to arrange all my tracks so they flow effortlessly in a mix. But above all, he makes the lesson fun, which in turn made it so easy to learn. This fella has a wealth of knowledge and I’m glad I’ve been fortunate enough to meet him!”

Luke Williams

DJ / Brisbane

Dave Brennan

Dave has been an integral part of house music in the UK since its inception in the late 80’s and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his lessons through his own DJ-ing, and epic catalog of his productions which have been played by Carl Cox, Sasha and many other of the worlds greatest DJs. He also co-founded Bombis Records, which is now coming up to its 10th year of releasing great house music worldwide.

Daves prolific productions and acute skills as a DJ allowed him the opportunity to be asked to tour America, Australia, Asia, Canada, Brazil and Eastern Europe. Now settled in Brisbane, Dave enjoys passing on his knowledge of making music to those that seek it. He has taught hundreds of people over the past 10 years in using both Abelton and Logic to help them make their favourite style of music.

Dave works with Abelton, Logic, Native Instruments and various aftermarket plugins.



“Dave has been a fantastic inspiration in my early stages of producing. From being a complete Ableton beginner he helped me start from the basics of the programme right up to turning my ideas directly into music that I love. He is a great tutor with patience and that’s what you need in this business. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

Michael Holme

Producer / Ipswich

“I had been producing for a couple of years before I met Dave Brennan. My knowledge was very little but I had an understanding to a degree of Ableton. I thought I knew all there was to Ableton but when I met Dave he showed me so many things that I didn’t know I could do. He kept me on my toes and made me feel motivated more as I was starting to lose it. HIs teaching methods and his knowledge is brilliant.”

Kris Diahann

Producer / DJ / Brisbane

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