DJ Courses

Our DJ courses are designed to take you from zero to hero with your favourite genre of music at your own pace.

One on one tuition

Learn to DJ at your own pace with sessions tailored specifically to your ability and favourite style of music.

Learning Convienence

Use the industry standard DJ equipment or bring your own to the lessons.

Cutting-edge technology and sound

Our studio uses industry standard DJ equipment and production equipment.

Need to reschedule?

No problems. You can move your lesson with as little as 24 hours notice.

DJ Packages

We have a variety of courses to suit any student, at any skill level, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the 5 star testimonials at the bottom of this page, all from Facebook and Google reviews!

If you are new to this you can start at the beginner program to learn the basics and work your way up into intermediate and eventually pro! If you are unsure of where you should start don’t hesitate to give us a call via the contact us page.


30 min, 60 min or 90 min Private Lesson

Book in a single production lesson tailored to the skills that you would like to learn on the day.



Beginner DJ COURSE

6 hrs of Private Lessons

In this course, we teach you the basics of DJing and setup with the goal of having you perform a basic mix on your own.


intermediate Course

6 hrs of Private Lessons

You now know the basics its time to teach more advanced skills that will help you to really enjoy playing at home and get you confident enough to play in front of friends or at a small event.



6 hrs of Private Lessons

Completion of this program refines your technical skills, teach you how to play your own individual sound and get you ready to play to a large crowd!


Additional Courses

Full dj Course

18 Hours of Private Lessons

This heavily discounted course incorporates the beginner, intermediate and pro-programs, and are designed for your convenience.


or from $76/week

Group dj Lessons

45 min - 18 hours of Private Lessons

Do you want a great reason to hang out with a friend and be productive? Fine tune your DJ skills together with a group single lesson or program.



Further Training

If you decide that you are after some extra training, or want to brush up on the skills you have already been taught freel free to come back to us at any time and book in a lesson.

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