Music Production Courses

Music production is a different ball game to DJing and is much more in-depth, and in turn more rewarding when you finally make that tune that was created wholly and solely by you! Our tutor offers knowledge and proven practices in the use of Abelton, Native Instruments and a variety of third-party plugins to help you get to where you want to be in your own time. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the 5-star testimonials at the bottom of this page, all from Facebook and Google reviews!

Courses tailored for you

Fun / Flexible / Specialised

One on one tuition
Learn to DJ at your own pace with sessions tailored specifically to your ability and favourite style of music.

Need to reschedule?
No problems. You can move your lesson with as little as 48 hours notice.

Cutting-edge technology and sound
Our Tutor uses a variety of  pro software plugins and midi controllers.

Producing Convenience
Use the synthesisers and software at the DJ lab studio, or you can bring your own to each session. 

Learn from the Pro’s
Our tutors are all actively performing and releasing new music in the industry.

Online Learning
Music Production can be taught on skype for those living outside of Brisbane.

Music Production Packages

We have a variety of courses to suit any student, at any skill level. If you are new to this you can start at the beginner program to learn the basics and work your way up into intermediate and eventually pro! Also please note that music production is much more in depth hence the longer lessons required to get you to pro level.


 30, 60 or 90min Private Lesson
Book in a single production lesson tailored to the skills that you would like to learn on the day.

+Program Overview

  • Book when it suits you
  • 30 Minute session for $41
  • 60 minute session for $81
  • 90 minute session for $117
  • If you are situated outside of Brisbane lessons can be done online.

$41 +


6hrs of Private Lessons
Propel your music production skills with 6 hours of private lessons tailored to your music preference, goals and skill level.

+Program Overview

  • Learn the skills relevant to you with a pro
  • 4 x 90min lessons
  • easy online booking and rescheduling



14hrs of Private Lessons
The initial program will get you a working knowledge of the basic functions of Abelton. The goal at upon completion of this unit is to have you writing your own loops that sound great.

+Program Overview

  • How to use MIDI (Keyboard / Drum Machine)
  • Recording audio
  • How to use effects
  • How to make a loop
  • Basic music arrangement
  • Book when it suits you


Intermediate Program

14hrs of Private Lessons
You are now at the level where you have a basic working knowledge of Abelton. The next step from here is learning to use and apply new audio effects to make your favorite music.

+Program Overview

  • How to use a drum machine
  • organising your sound and preset library.
  • Sampling
  • Use of send and return tracks
  • Basic EQ skills.
  • Compression
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Drum Buss
  • Saturation
  • extension on arrangement
  • Introduction to VST/AU Plugins
  • Book when it suits you



14hrs of Private Lessons
At this point you are quite familiar with Abelton, so the next step is to learn the arrangement skills needed to arrange a basic 5 minute track that fits within your favorite genre along with an introduction to synthesis. 

+Program Overview

  • Introduction to synthesis
  • Advanced arrangement
  • how to edit/remix other tracks
  • chorus
  • auto-filter
  • phaser
  • vocoder
  • use of lfo
  • Introduction to VST/AU Plugins
  • Book when it suits you



14hrs of Private Lessons
This final program will teach you how to use your own synth and effect presets to copy the arrangement and sound design of your favorite tracks. Once you master these skills you will be able to create high-quality music releasable on the top labels in your chosen genre!

+Program Overview

  • creation of your own synth and effect presets
  • Mastery of music arrangement
  • how to effectively mixdown your music
  • how to copy arrangments of your favorite tracks and master the techniques those producers used to make them sound amazing.
  • Book when it suits you


Full Production Program

56hrs of Private Lessons
Get to the top fast. This heavily discounted course comprises of the beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro units and will aim to have capable of releasing your own music upon completion.

+Program Overview

  • Book lessons at your own convenience, at any available time during the week.
  • Book when it suits you
  • 56hrs of lessons for $4159 giving you a total saving of $336


Group Production Lessons

60mins – 56hrs of Private Lessons
Fine tune your DJ Skills alongside a friend with a single lesson or program. 

+Program Overview

  • Learn from a pro
  • advance your skills with a friend
  • pricing for each group lesson via the booking link
  • Book when it suits you

$109 +

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