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Classically trained, party orientated and creative by nature Boi King Koi (Jai) has been studying the art of music and live performance since the age of 8 when he picked up Trumpet, singing and musical theory. This continued for 10 years culminating in his selection in the Queensland State Honours Ensemble program on trumpet in 2004. After school Jai quickly picked up beatboxing, guitar and some keys and continued his journey into the musical world setting down his routes in the dance music scene. While on a uni break in 2008, Jai’s world was turned upside down witnessing a DJ set performed by one of the heavyweights of Breakbeat and funk, Krafty Kuts.
This proved to be the turning point for jai, sparking his DJ career to begin with hours of practise a day and applying his musical knowledge to the art of DJing. Jai was quickly labeled Boi King Koi due to his young looks, Energetic performances and inquisitive nature to do with anything party, music or industry related. From that moment on Boi King Koi was born and things grew quickly for him securing residencies in the biggest clubs in Townsville, Playing festivals , Club nights and becoming a regular household name in north Queensland. After becoming a part of the ADICTS crew and Blah Agency the Boi focussed more on honing his production skills while still finding time to release regular LIVE mixes and playing regular gigs around Brisbane. With almost 20 years of music experience, including 9 years of djing, 7 years of organising events and 5 years of music production it’s fair to say the Boi has a man sized wealth of experience.
Whether it’s a pool party on a sunday arvo, Club sets where the dance floor is pumping or a warm up set for an international act, Boi King Koi has the perfect blend of tunes and original ideas to please any dance-floor doctor. With tracks released through Royalty Records and Hi-Tech Records as well as several independent releases, the Boi has been crafting his sound and making what he loves. His sound sits somewhere between house, tech house, electro house and G house or as he likes to call it “house flavoured music”. With some very exciting side projects and collaborations under way, the future looks like the name Boi King Koi is here to stay and will only grow as hopefully, he will one day too!

Jay Berry

Jay Berry

Founder of DJ Lab. I've been DJing, promoting and producing electronic dance music in Brisbane for the past 10 years. In my time I've taught many how to DJ and produce from beginner to pro level working with Pioneer, Logic, Abelton, Native Instruments and Xone products.
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