How To Get Your First DJ Club Gig

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Have you been wondering how one goes about getting their first DJ gig? In this guide, we show you a few tried and tested approaches to achieve this quickly and confidently.

#1 Learn To DJ

This Includes:
Technical Skills: Being able to transition smoothly between your tracks
Music Knowledge: Having a solid idea of what style of music your target venue like to play, and knowing how to warm up the room if you are playing early.
If you have this knowledge you will be able to play a great set at the club and most likely be invited back to play again!
*Do you need to acquire this knowledge and skillset? We can teach these skills to you in a few months at our studio in Brisbane. Contact us for more information or click the blue book now button on the top right of this page. 


#2 Create and Post Your DJ Mixes

The next step is to think about the club that you want to play and their music policy. If the DJs at this particular club play hip hop, then you need to make a nice mix of this vibe. If the club focus on techno then you need to create some good techno mixes.
Once you have created some DJ mixes relevant to the club that you want to play then post the mixes online with a link ready to go and share with anyone at all that might give it a listen. The more plays your mix has, the more appealing you look as a prospect to local nightclubs.


#3 Networking

The third and final step is to actually meet and hang out with the person that books the DJs at your favorite club. Once you guys are on good terms then let them know you would love to play at the club and shoot them a link to your mix to listen to. If they like your mix you may get your gig straight away.
If that doesn’t work then ask differently, you need to remember that booking agents for nightclubs are being approached by multiple DJs each week to play their venues so you will need to stand out to be considered for the gig!
If you can add value to the booking manager then you will definitely move up the queue. The ultimate thing that night clubs need is punters to fill their venue, week in, week out so one effective way is to become a promoter for the club, bringing in a group of people via your ‘guest list’ each week. If you can make this happen regularly, you will be well within reason to ask the booking manager again for a gig, and there is a good chance he will want to look after you in exchange for supporting the club.
Another way to add value to that club booking manager, or a promoter that you want to play for is to start running your own events and booking them to DJ. This gives them more gigs, and exposure which is why it is always the most effective approach,
DJ lab founder – Jay Berry got his first gig within 3 months of getting his first set of decks by teaming up with another local DJ to start running events. They would always book other promoters and club booking managers and the favor was always returned. Six Months later he was gigging every weekend, at a range of venues throughout Fortitude Valley.
The final (and fastest) way of getting get your first gig as to sign up for our zero to hero program. We will take you from beginner through to pro in 3 months ending with a gig at Prohibition Nightclub!
Does this sound like something for you? Sign up for more info here

Jay Berry

Jay Berry

Founder of DJ Lab. I've been DJing, promoting and producing electronic dance music in Brisbane for the past 10 years. In my time I've taught many how to DJ and produce from beginner to pro level working with Pioneer, Logic, Abelton, Native Instruments and Xone products.
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