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It just so happens that have just acquired a top of the line Allen & Heath Analogue mixer!
The advantage of a producer having access to a high quality analogue mixer during a mix-down is that it will give your tune a superior stereo image and ability to add true analogue distortion to your channels. This is why the many worlds best sound engineers swear by using these rather than mixing in the box.
Now we will only have this for the next couple of months if interested be sure book yourself in asap via  to use this amazing piece of analogue equipment ?♬

Jay Berry

Jay Berry

Founder of DJ Lab. I've been DJing, promoting and producing electronic dance music in Brisbane for the past 10 years. In my time I've taught many how to DJ and produce from beginner to pro level working with Pioneer, Logic, Abelton, Native Instruments and Xone products.
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